Kids Room Design Ideas

December 22, 2016 at 12:30 pm

With a little money and some sort of creativity, you can transform your child’s bedroom into something magical. Try these affordable decorating ideas for the kid’s bedroom.

Create Mini Galleries

Filled with color or monochrome, an accent wall with pictures, frames, photos and wall decoration is a great way to keep it top notch in kids’ bedroom. And who knows, perhaps that might inspire a mini Picasso in the building! One of the wonders of great art work! Walls decorated with decorative mural gallery style are showing up daily, and the best part of this trend is that it is a fun way of celebrating all styles of art and it does not cost a fortune.

Collect pieces over time

Use individual pieces accumulated over time rather than buying a set of matching furniture. It is not only a great way to save, but in the case of the children’s bedroom, it creates a colorful and eclectic look, laminate in the new with the old.

Get to know Etsy

If you are willing to spend some time digging online, you can discover original and affordable jewelry and other similar stuffs on sites like Items that are suitable not only make the room feel special, but also contribute to make it unique.

Bring out the sewing machine

A simple and boring glider becomes super chic when new cushions are added in a graphical model. Throw in a few colorful cushions to support the back and this essential nursery suddenly becomes a showstopper.

Create the little details by hand

You do not have to be a super do it yourself dude, but it’s certainly worth it to start thinking handmade, even if it is only for the smallest details. Developing a decorative bunting or printing your own graphics for the frame is a great way to catch the DIY fever.

Give a cheer for tissue papers

Cheap and easy to make, the tissue paper is whimsical favorite for party that can add pizazz to decorate the room of a child. Try to incorporate different sizes of tissue paper in shades of the same color to achieve maximum impact.

Be creative with paint

Instead of painting the wall behind the cradle with one color, why not get creative with paint and go for three or four colors? Horizontal or vertical stripes are super dramatic. You can frame the center of the wall molding and paint the stripes in the middle to give the room an instant focal feature, this can  be made possible by hiring a commercial painting.