December 5, 2016 at 1:16 pm

They are these commonly mistakes that i have noticed when people paint kitchen cabinets, and i will love us to take a quick look at some of them.

Not removing doors from hinges

You won’t have to worry about painting over the hinge or masking them off if you remove the cabinet doors from their hinges. When you remove the hinges, your cabinets will have a much cleaner look when the doors are being painted.

Not laying doors flat to paint

The best way you can paint or spray your cabinet doors is to lay them flat on top of an object on the ground. You can use jars, quarts can, soup cans or anything you need to get them off the ground. Allow each side to dry completely before you turn them over to do the other side. It is advisable to place a towel between the cans and the doors so as to keep the paint from being scratched after it has been turned over. Laying doors flat will also prevent drips.

Skipping sanding

Even if the cabinets in your kitchen are in near perfect state, you will still have to sand them so that the paint will stick. Use a 150 or 200 grit sandpaper to give all of the surfaces a quick polish.

Not having a dust-free before painting

Before you even think of dipping your brush in paint,vacuum up any debris.  Even a few pieces of dust can ruin the look of your painting, giving it a gritty finish that will look like you painted over sand.

Failing to prime first

Except you are using chalk paint which does not require a primer, ensure you prime your cabinets well before you paint them. Kitchen cabinet painting is usually a major undertaking that you don’t have to undergo twice because of paint peeling. Use a good, oil based primer and apply two coats, if possible. To save time, you can spray the primer on with a spray can

You choose cheap paint.

If you want to get a smoother finish, use a good paint. Because most kitchens need less than two gallons, you should be able to buy a good paint without breaking the budget.

Forgetting a clear coat

You can either do a coat of wax if chalk paint is what you are using or a clear coat of polyurethane after you’ve finished painting. Because cabinets usually take a lot of abuse, it is better to add extra protection or durability to your paint job to give you more years value from your work.